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The Pride of Pitt Meadows – Our Members

Newest Member – Lion Rena – 2017

Rena certainly has a flair for getting things done when it comes to promoting the Lions in the local Maple Ridge News whom she thanks for their support.  Tom Cameron would have liked Rena.  Rena is looking for donations to our CENTENNIAL GARAGE SALE to be held on June 10th.  Send an email to louellette@shaw.ca with your intentions to support the Lions in our efforts to raise funds for the Community of Pitt Meadows.

Lion Nancy Young – 2017

Working for Fraser Health, Nancy has a passion for the seniors in our community and faithfully organizes special Pancake Breakfasts at Baillie House about 3-4 times a year.  The residents would love for us to come more often, but we would need more members to facilitate this.  So as Tom Hardy would say “Come Join Us”.  Lion Lorie would say “Everyone likes to have something to look forward to” so come to our Spaghetti Dinners on the last Friday of the month!

Lion Carol Moisan – 2017

Carol was a Lion from “down home” which is Montreal, Quebec.  She came West to care for her ailing mother.  She met and served many people while at Royal Columbian Hospital during the many visits for dialysis.  She has a passion for community and hopes to move back to Pitt Meadows where she puts in MANY volunteer hours.  Taking care of the Lions Hall, collecting tabs from various friends and some businesses; spearing heading our 1st in a long time garage sale (on June 10th, 2017).  She always has a big smile and likes to make us laugh.

Being energetic, once she gets going on something, don’t stop her! lol

Margaret Murphy 🙂 2015

Margaret decided to join the Pitt Meadows Lions at the ripe age of 80. Her husband was living in Baillie House where the Lions would attend 3-4 times per year to prepare a wonderful pancake, sausage & egg breakfast (real eggs). People would come from all 3 floors with the help of their Care Givers. After her husband passed away last year, it took being encouraged to come and serve again at Baillie House that helped her to continue.

Margaret has been an inspiration to us all with her enthusiasm and generous smile. She has been at many of the fundraising events such as Pitt Meadows Day; BC Day and Airport Days as well as the Blue Grass Festival held in Maple Ridge in 2013 (re-named in 2014 as the North Fraser Blue Grass Festival).

Margaret is a grandmother of …… where she instilled family values which has carried on with her children whereby family is at the heart. Her volunteering where ever and when ever needed shows her willingness to be apart of something greater than herself. A life lived, she says “I am lucky”. Most of her other family members and friends are not able to get around whereas Margaret, just keeps on going. (This reminds me of Marie….. ).

Lions in Pitt Meadows means to her…..

When asked what she thought of the Lions getting a Facebook page or new website, she said, “Just because I don’t have a computer doesn’t mean I don’t think its not a good idea.”

With her supportive stance on life, I asked Margaret to be our first Lion to be introduced.

We hope that you too will be inspired to belong to this worthy organization and support your Community, whether Pitt Meadows or otherwise.